Population Health Logistics

Our Mission is to simplify managing the health of a population through a software application, Preferred Population Health Logistics (PHL), that bridges the gap between biopsychosocial and clinical needs.  Our software platform is designed to assess, monitor, guide care, and resource utilization to ensure optimal clinical, chronic care and social outcomes.

The simplicity of our application, not only benefits clients, there are benefits to the community-based organizations. Care managers can view their population at a macro level and drill down to the granular level of clinical and biopsychosocial issues impacting patient outcomes.

Our user-friendly, cloud-based, population health logistics tool captures and monitors cognitive, functional, behavioral and biopsychological symptoms of patients and the burden their informal caregivers.  Care managers then create a personalized care plan for the client which includes nonpharmacological protocols, self-management educational handouts, and alerts regarding medications with potentially adverse cognitive effects.

“We couldn’t be more excited by the opportunities that we believe will open to us once we have PHL fully operational. I have a Board and staff that embraces an expanded vision for our future and we fully intend to aggressively seek and secure contracts that will allow us to better serve our clients.”

~Mindy Cayton

Mindy Cayton

“The goal is to move the AAA network to the head chair at the table. AAAs have extensive experience and expertise to effectively identify and fully address the social determinants of health. PHL is the tool that can be used to make this happen and to quantify the health outcomes of AAA interventions. If AAAs succeed…PHL will succeed.”

~Jim Vandagrifft

Jim Vandagrifft